Empowering Communities

Our Commitment to Solar Accessibility

At Develop Solar, we are dedicated to bringing sustainable energy solutions to under-served communities throughout the United States, ensuring that every community has access to clean, affordable, and reliable solar power.

Our Commitment to Accessibility

Expanding Solar Power to Every Community

At Develop Solar, we are dedicated to breaking down barriers to solar energy, particularly in under-served communities. By partnering with local stakeholders and leveraging innovative technologies, we strive to make sustainable energy a reality for all, ensuring that every community can benefit from clean and cost-effective power solutions.

Our Impact by the Numbers

At Develop Solar, we are committed to transforming lives through sustainable energy. Below are key statistics that highlight the significant impact of our initiatives.

Communities Empowered

Solar Energy Generated

CO2 Emissions Reduced

New Projects Initiated

Meet Our Core Team

Samantha Lee

Samantha Lee

Chief Technical Officer

Raj Patel

Raj Patel

Head of Operations

Jessica Morales

Jessica Morales

Lead Project Manager

What Our Partners Say

‘Develop Solar’s projects have transformed our community. The new solar installations help power our schools and local businesses, significantly reducing our energy costs and environmental footprint.’

Anna Richardson

Community Leader, Springfield

‘Partnering with Develop Solar has allowed us to make significant advances in sustainable energy. Their expertise and commitment to community engagement are unmatched.’

Michael Johnson

CEO, GreenTech Innovations

‘The impact of Develop Solar’s initiatives on our project has been profound. Their approach not only supports our environmental goals but also fosters local job creation and economic growth.’

Luisa Gomez

Project Manager, Solar Expansion Project

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