Empowering Communities Through Solar Training

Welcome to the Workforce Development Program, a transformative initiative dedicated to equipping residents of under-served communities with the skills needed for a flourishing career in the solar industry. Our mission is to foster economic growth and sustainability by providing comprehensive training and development opportunities to socially and economically disadvantaged individuals, including veterans and those previously disconnected from the renewable energy job market.

Empowering Through Education

Our Workforce Development Program is dedicated to empowering individuals from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds by providing them with the necessary skills to thrive in the renewable energy sector, particularly solar energy.

We extend a special focus towards veterans and others who have faced barriers to employment, offering them a pathway to meaningful and sustainable careers within this rapidly growing industry.

Through targeted training and development initiatives, we aim to bridge the gap between under-served communities and the burgeoning opportunities available in solar technology and infrastructure.

Our Training Programs

Basic Solar Installation

Learn the fundamentals of solar panel installation, including safety protocols, equipment handling, and site assessment.

Advanced Photovoltaic Systems

Dive deeper into complex solar systems with courses on photovoltaic technology, system design, and electrical configurations.

Solar Project Management

Gain expertise in managing solar projects from inception to completion, focusing on budgeting, logistics, and team leadership.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Develop skills in maintaining solar installations and troubleshooting common issues to ensure long-term operational efficiency.

Impact by the Numbers

  • Individuals Trained 95% 95%
  • Success Rate of Graduates 85% 85%
  • Growth in Solar Workforce 60% 60%


Key Achievements

What Our Community Says

‘Joining the Develop Solar program was a turning point in my life. The training not only equipped me with the skills needed for a sustainable career in solar energy but also instilled a sense of purpose by contributing to the environment.’ – Maria Gonzalez, Program Graduate

Maria Gonzalez

‘As a local business owner, partnering with Develop Solar has allowed us to tap into a skilled workforce ready to drive the solar industry forward. Their graduates come prepared and motivated, adding immense value to our operations.’ – James Peterson, CEO of SunTech Power

James Peterson

‘The impact of Develop Solar extends beyond individual job training; it revitalizes communities. We’ve seen significant economic growth and sustainability improvements in our area since the program’s inception.’ – Linda Hu, Community Leader

Linda Hu

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